MERRIES First Premium Japanese Pants, XL, 12-22 kg, 32 pcs.

No. 1 Japanese pants manufacturer MERRIES introduces a new nappy range, First Premium. MERRIES First Premium nappies are 2 times softer and fluffier than regular MERRIES nappies!


Merries First Premium pants

The most popular eco-diapers – panties from Japan! A comfortable and easy-to-use product for toddlers who are curious about a world that is still new to them, boundless and full of fun.

Gentle. Convenient. No more leaks!

Japanese nappies are the most popular baby nappies in Japan, the UK and parts of Europe. MERRIES First Premium products not only give your baby an exceptional feeling of comfort when moving and exploring, but are also suitable for those with allergies to conventional western nappies.

Developed for the local Japanese market, MERRIES First Premium has slowly become popular in different parts of the world. No wonder – this brand can offer an exceptional experience for both toddlers and their parents. Non-moving, non-irritating and non-irritating to your baby’s still developing skin – that’s what you’ll find with MERRIES First Premium.

    • Comfort – thanks to the ultra-tight waistband of the nappies, the nappies fit snugly against your baby’s body without irritation or pressure;
    • Breathability – the nappies are made of 100% breathable material*, so your baby’s skin won’t dry out, steam up or break out while wearing the nappies;
    • Precision – a wetness indicator on the back of the nappy tells parents when it’s time to change their nappy. When the wetness indicator strips are yellow, the nappy is empty, when the colour changes to blue, it’s time to change the nappy;
    • Softness – thanks to natural cotton, the inner layer of the nappies is very soft and squishy. This ensures that the material fits snugly around your baby’s sensitive and still-growing legs without pinching the skin. MERRIES First Premium is up to twice as soft and gentle as regular MERRIES nappies;
    • No more leakage – the nappies have extra protective pleats. They act as fuses that automatically release when the nappy is ready for use and reliably prevent unexpected leakage of secretions;
    • The contact layer of the nappies-panties contains pure, organic argan oil, which additionally nourishes the baby’s skin and gives a very pleasant soft feeling!

How to apply and use?

    • Use your hands to pull the waistband of the nappy-panties so that there is room for the child to insert his/her leg;
    • One by one, put your child’s feet into the holes prepared for the feet in the nappies – pants;
    • Hold the nappy by the waist and pull it up until it fits snugly around your waist;
    • Check that the protective folds inside the nappies-panties are spread outwards.

Facts and consumerism

    • The unique dual action technology effectively absorbs the contents, leaving the surface of the nappy dry for a much longer period of time;
    • The design of the nappies-panties is also suitable for bigger babies;
    • MERRIES nappies are made from only the highest quality natural materials. This is why your baby will avoid unpleasant allergic reactions, even with extremely sensitive skin;
    • It uses natural materials and avoids preservatives, which often give the illusion of a more pleasant smell or texture, but are not good for your child’s well-being.

Important to know

    • The right size of nappies-panties is based on the weight of the baby;
    • As the baby’s shape also changes due to the growing bone structure, it is important to keep an eye on this change to ensure that the product you buy fits the body lines perfectly and does not leave unnecessary gaps when you put on the nappies;
    • It’s important to observe your baby’s movement habits: not all nappies are suitable for babies who sit, stand or crawl.
    • The size of the nappies-panties should be changed to a larger size when any of the following symptoms occur:
      • sudden leakage of secretions from nappies;
      • marks on the baby’s body.


MERRIES First Premium nappies are made with only natural materials (cotton, paper) and no additional preservatives or fragrances.

Period of validity

The shelf life of nappies is 3 years from the date of manufacture.
It can be found at the bottom of the nappy packaging.
The date of manufacture shall be indicated in the following sequence: ****(year)**(month)**(day)
The last four digits of the number do not affect the date of manufacture.

Size table


Weight category Amount of movement of the baby

For newborns and premature babies



Up to 3 kg



Little movement (lying down)



For newborns and premature babies


Up to 5 kg  

Little movement (lying down)



S size


4-8 kg  

Starting to measure with their feet



Size M


6-11 kg  

Rolls over, sits and crawls on its own



L size


9-14 kg  

Standing independently but still unsteady in walking



XL size


12-22 kg  

Standing and walking


XXL size 13-28 kg  

Standing and walking


KOBIOKI Recommendation

    • According to users all over the world, MERRIES are extremely lightweight and breathable, which is particularly important at any age for well-being and physical comfort.
    • On the other hand, a lot depends on the needs of the parents themselves. Some nappy buyers are a bit more conservative and prefer traditional nappies that can be self-adjusted with stickers. The individual build of the child, or the change in build as the child grows, also plays a role.
    • There is no doubt that once your baby starts to move around more (crawl, sit, stand), it is worth trying out a type of removable nappy. They adapt much better to your baby’s movements and don’t rub their feet.
    • After years of researching customer needs and the nappy market, we recommend that you start with 5 units of each of the brands distributed in our shop (MOONY, NATURAL MOONY, MERRIES). Testing each type of nappy in particular can help you decide which product you want to use in the future. All KOBI.LT nappies offer different and unique features that are second to none. They meet many different needs – which is why the final decision is yours.
    • As Japanese nappies become more popular around the world, many counterfeit nappies are emerging. Although it is not always easy to distinguish them from the original product, you can never go wrong buying nappies from distributors who have been in the market for years. This is exactly the principle on which the KOBI.Lt team works.

We are understanding

If you buy more packs of any nappies in the KOBI.LT online shop and pay for them (i.e. if your child’s weight or mobility needs have changed earlier), we will replace the unripped packs free of charge in Kaunas or anywhere else, with only the additional delivery costs.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Terms

Order Processing Time:

Orders are typically prepared within 6 working hours.

Delivery Information:

Country Cost Delivery Timeframe
Lithuania 10 EUR 1-2 working days
Poland, Latvia, Estonia 15 EUR 2-3 working days

Special Order/Out-of-Stock Products: Lead times vary (7-14 days); refer to catalog for specific details.


organic argan oil, absorbent, soft cotton mesh.

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