AGNOTIS disposable bra pads, 30 pcs.

The word “Agnotis” is derived from the Greek word for purity. This product line is aimed at the little ones and is based on the motto “because their laughter is our joy”.

The Agnotis product line is made with high-quality ingredients, all at an affordable price. Product packaging design has won several international awards.

The pads consist of a liquid-absorbing gel inside, a 3D side lining that instantly wicks away moisture, a 4-layer leak guard, a honeycomb underlayer for maximum absorbency, elasticated edges, and a super soft surface.

Unique product features:

  • Purpose: disposable high volume bra pads – 30 pcs.
  • Unique benefits: high quality, durable, highly absorbent, safe to use.
  • Large quantity: 30 pieces per pack for long-lasting and convenient use.
  • Quality guarantee: Agnotis is a trusted brand for hygiene products.

Agnotis disposable bra pads are the perfect choice to give you long-lasting security and comfort. These pads are carefully made to provide reliable protection.

Who is it for?

Disposable bra pads are for women who want reliable and hygienic protection. These pads are the perfect choice for everyday use or special occasions.

How to use?

Use disposable bra pads as needed and according to their packaging instructions. Make sure the pad is correctly fitted for maximum safety and comfort.

Special features:

  • High quality: these disposable pads are made of high quality materials for reliable protection and comfort.
  • Durable and absorbent: the pads are durable and absorb effectively, keeping you safe and dry all day.
  • Large quantity: the 30-piece pack provides long-lasting and convenient use, ensuring that you have enough pads for your needs.
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100% polymer.

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